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Sunday, 26 June 2016


Well it has most certainly been a while since I did one of these here update things!

So what's new? Well, firstly, we've had yet another makeover, both here on the website, the YouTube channel and on Twitter. As you can see, it's a lot more "contemporary" and simple compared to the 80's Retro look we had, BUT, that look is not gone for good, as we fucking love the neon 80's style, so the podcast covers and such will be a mix of the old and new, as you can see on last weeks podcast below:

It's also the first time we've put any of our other contributors on the artwork we use for promotion (sorry peoples!), and that's pretty much for one reason: Podcast vs Player is Cal & Dan. But, that being said, we're always happy to have additional input, and we're lucky to have the people you see on the new artwork with us (James, Zoe, Rick and Chris), who help us out with let's plays, reviews and podcasts, so there you all go, enjoy your cartoon hall of fame!

Content wise, we've been a bit shit of late, illness' and other such lark preventing us from actually getting anything done, but we're slowly getting back on track. Of course, since this is the first update post in a very long time, we've actually done loads, so we're not that bad! Why, as I type this I've got a nosebleed, so that's dedication for you!

One of the big things we've done recently is a collaboration with the always excellent Aviators for a new Goldeneye:Source series called Goldneye Source: Snowblind.

Aviators has the most brilliant James Bond song (Snowblind) which he wrote and performed and was over the moon to be involved with our project, as was we, and so 007 Snowblind was born. The results are below, with both the full 007 Snowblind intro, created by Podcast vs Players very own Tom Jones, Cal, along with a secondary/shorter intro for the actual game mode underneath.

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