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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Will the Joker Be Referenced in Dark Knight Rises?

With Batman facing Bane and meeting Catwoman, many speculated the idea of the Dark Knights most legendary enemy being at least referenced in The Dark Knight Rises; despite the tragic death of the late Heath Ledger.

However, director Christopher Nolan confirmed in a recent interview that the character won't be referenced at all in the new film.

We're not addressing the Joker," Nolan told Empire. "That is something I felt very strongly about in terms of my relationship with Heath [Ledger] and the experience I went through with him on The Dark Knight. I didn't want to in any way try and account for a real-life tragedy. That seemed inappropriate to me. We just have a new set of characters and a continuation of Bruce Wayne's story. Not involving the Joker.

We're a little disappointed, to be honest. Of course, we completely understand why Nolan is handling the subject in such a respectful manner, but completely ignoring the events of The Dark Knight seems a little off. The Joker made such an impact on Batman, and you don't just forget a guy like the Joker.

We kind of imagined at least a scene over in Arkham Asylum, even just showing a murky corridor with a sound bite of Ledgers manic laughter, but, alas, we wont get our wish.

Check out the the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Release Date:
  • US (wide): July 20, 2012
  • Genre: Super-Hero,  Action, Adventure
  • Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Production Company: Legendary Pictures
  • Language: English

Source: Empire

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