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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

T.B.I.Y (Tech Beever It Yourself): Cal's Floating Wall AV Project

So, the tech for the lounge was/is:

-47inch LG 47LW540U Cinema 3D TV

-Playstation 3 (Slim) 250gig

-Xbox 360 Elite 120gig

-Nintendo Wii

-Sky+ HD Box

The original set up was a 3-tier glass AV unit, that would hang underneath the TV, however, the parts didn't actually fit flush against the wall, and after myself, a friend, and a qualified maintenance worker tried our luck, it wasn't going to work.

So, I put up a white 3-box unit, which I hated from the word go (so much so, I never got a real picture of it). But I knew one thing -- it wasn't staying up.

So, to change the whole thing again, i opted for two black shelves, and although it looked neater than the box-unit, I still hated it.
My friend Tez modeling
 3D glasses
(white box
unit in background)
 It was slowly getting me a little down if I'm honest, and even though my fiancĂ©e was perfectly happy with it (more so because she was getting very annoyed with me), I managed to convince her I could make it all better (for me at least). My orginal plan had a much higher budget, but with Christmas looming, I had to make cuts, and you know what? I had a good feeling I could get what I wanted, for a fraction of the price.

So, began 'Project Floating Wall'...

I began by planning the wall, and my local B&Q had all the stuff I needed:

-MDF Board (L)2440 x (W)1220 x (T)6mm - £10.28 x 2

-Batten - 98p x 8

-80 Multi Function Blue LED Lights With Clear Cable - £8.00

-B&Q Value Matt White 10L - £9.98

I also picked up a roller set, brush set and black paint (which never got used - see below).

Keeping the budget down, I decided to make a new unit, using the black shelves I'd brought, the glass shelves from the 3-tier unit and some wood. It started of pretty well, really, but in the end, it wasn't going to work out as I'd planned. The glass wasn't very secure, and I was getting pretty p***ed off in all fairness, so it was scrapped, black paint was put in the shed. And that was that.

After measuring the desired wall to, erm, hold the wall, I got it cut (at B&Q) and set off home.

Black & Decker Drill; I had this from my Grandad, it's nearly older than me, but it's freaking awesome

We start by cutting the battens

Empty space (the picture on the right isn't un-even, there's a door to the right of it)

We align the battens to start a frame for the wall

There's actually two more battens in the middle at the bottom, but I forgot to take a picture...

On go the first set of LED lights, I wanted to use LED Rope lights, but, budget.
These will be replaced though.
Baked Bean tins...?
..oooh it makes sense now!!
Carefully cutting a hole (in both pieces) for the TV bracket. I had to do this twice as I was a little short, always go over your measurement!
TV taking a break...

Left panel on with the lights

Both Panels on, not sanded. 

Both panels with lights

The obligatory hand injury. I was working with drills and jigsaws, yet I did this with a screwdriver...

Both panels sanded down. Now complete with wire port cut out.

Let the painting begin!

Ignore the lights at the top, they came loose, *sigh*

Newly painted, lights on at night

Lights on in day (well, with the light on)

Almost finished, using an old glass stand (our pet rats lived on here),
I didn't want to use it, but as my DIY unit didn't pan out, needs must

I used some spare lights around the unit

Daytime with lights

Daytime without lights

Jasper was thrilled with the new look...

So that is basically it, I've hidden the join between the two panels, which I'll update this article with photos once I've uploaded them, but there you go, a full, low budget Floating AV Wall for £54.22.

Now, to find some LED rope lights and a new unit...

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