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Watch 15 minutes of Mad Max gameplay from the PlayStation E3 booth

PlayStation Live Coverage at E3 showcases 15 minutes of gameplay during a developer interview.

Talking about the open world aspect, Avalanche said ” We want players to be able to spend many, many, many hours in the world and it should keep rewarding them for exploring. There should be surprises.”
Combat in vehicles was described as “one of the most exciting parts” of the game. After Max loses his Interceptor the player needs to “fashion a vehicle that will allow Max to escape to the Plains of Silence and hopefully find some inner peace”.
Companions will help Max to create a wasteland war machine, and this will “be an expression of the choices that you make in the world, what directions you want to go in, and also the playing style that you choose.”
Mad Max is due for release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in September.

**Edit: The video has been set to private :(

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