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Sunday, 18 May 2014


Updates A Plenty!

The Season 2 Special kicks off with the Hungercraft Games. A specially designed island built by us, to kill each other in, with huge thanks to the Craftalicious Liam, who hid all the goodies to find, plus made a load of traps and refereed the sorry affair.

No description needed.

In the first of a Battlefield 4 series, Dan tries his hand at the classic Team Deathmatch and gets a right rollicking

Cal get's Naked...Snake and takes on one of the best entry's in the Metal Gear Series.

What's better than a shit video? A compilation of shit videos!

Dan returns on terrible form in the second part of this "Dan Plays" series. One or two decent kills aside, he's a cheating, camping, hacking, noob bastard....or so say the children of the Battlefield world at least

In the first instalment of Shit Just In, Cal and Dan discuss the latest pictures of Ben Affleck in the Batsuit, plus the Batmobile!

Cal relives his favourite entry in the ever awesome Zelda franchise.

Dan revisits a classic Xbox original game in a floaty, shooty nostalgia full play through of the Mindgate conspiracy!

The most fun in games are having barrels to blow up and walls to throw people at.

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