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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Podcast vs Player - Channel Update

All the news from PvP Youtube HQ!

Cal and Dan Explore The Internet 
It's amazing what you can find on the internet...

Cal and Dan Play Planetside 2! 
Join Cal and Dan in the fight of life cycle as they tackle the hefty bastards on two opposing teams!

They get killed...a lot...nothing new there I guess

We had a bit of a shitter with the audio for this one, so just assume we say "fuck" an awful lot and you basically have our conversation!

CRAPBAT episode1 
Na na na na CRAPBAT!

Toy Story - Inside View 
I can't see why Disney cut these bonus scenes out...awful.

Dan Plays - Call of Duty Ghosts 
Join Dan as he plays the COD: Ghosts Multiplayer. Does he find any Ghosts? Probably not. Does he make calls during duty? Probably not.

A very misleading title really.

Apologies for the laggyness, I blame the game entirely...

A Day in the Life of Iron Man 
A genuine mini-documentary on Iron Mans day to day basis.

Toy Story - The Welcome 
In another instalment of "Shit Tips" we revisit that charming scene where Andy gets a new toy.

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