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Monday, 18 March 2013

Facebook Spam; JUST DIE!!!


As I write this, I'm growing increasingly angry. I'm not a big lover of Facebook, although I use it it to put up information about my book (Langley has his own Facebook page), I use it mainly as a diary that I never have to update, as people openly tell me its their birthday, without actually telling me. Not that they get anything because they haven't actually told me. But still.

However, when I do actually go on Facebook, my news feed is inundated with spam posts that people have 'liked' and 'shared'. For example, this ridiculous excuse for a post:

The text reads:
"We have thousands of unsealed iPhone 5S's that need testing before they go on sale in june! Once you have completed the test you keep the phone! want one? Just 'Share' this photo and like our page. Winners will be messaged on Facebook. Good Luck! Once you have shared and liked the page, to apply fill out the form on the apple site below! http://insertvirussitehere"
Ok, so there is an actual site, but I'm giving these people enough exposure without giving them the luxury of a 'click-through' from my site. You may be thinking "wow, Cal really hates Apple" which is far from the truth; but what I do hate; are idiots. This 'official' Apple Facebook page, A.) Only has 4,718 likes, as seen below, and B.) more importantly; only joined Facebook yesterday. Sounds legit.

Now, here's the big kicker --and all 3,680 of you that 'liked' the 5S post, you're going to love this-- 
Apple aren't going to give you an iPhone 5S to test (and keep) because you liked and shared a photo.

A fake photo at that.

Oh, didn't you all know? Apple haven't even shown what the 5S looks like, or even if it actually exists (although if history proves right, it probably does). But of course, a company that is so secretive about it's products, a company that goes to extreme lengths to keep its new iDevices hush, before unveiling them at ridiculously thought out and meaningful conferences; of course, because you liked and shared a photo, this highly regarded and one of the most powerful companies in the world,will change their ways and send you a device to test and share.

Fucking Morons.

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