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Monday, 4 February 2013

The Return of Fall Out Boy

Today is a great day. Yes, it may be Monday, but today, February 4th 2013, Fall Out Boy returned from their 'hiatus', which for me, is phenomenal. I've loved FOB for as long as I can remember, from that first time I saw them supporting Mest, at a time where they had to set up their own gear, a time where I could shake hands with Patrick, Joe, Andy and Pete as they walked past the small barrier, without being mauled by security. And now, they've returned.

The new single,'My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark' isn't anything like their second album (their best in my opinion) Take This To Your Grave; an album that was flawless in every regard of the meaning and an album that was to me, and to many, one of the most important albums ever released. But whilst the latest offering isn't going to please the drifters that fall in and out of love with FOB, to us, the die hards, the ones that fell for the line "Believers Never Die", we'll see it for what it is; a triumphant return.

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