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Sunday, 3 February 2013


*Sigh* Day 6 of this bloody Hunter diary, where I note my (lack of)progress as I continue to dwindle down my sanity and become a self loathing narsasist.

Who now hates Mule Deer.

So, I start my shitty day at the stupid Field Lodge,  7:00, where I start my stupid day hunting for stupid Mule Deer. 45 minutes in, I find the deer I've been tracking, I go prone because I believe if I'm lay down, there's no possible way I can miss. I line up the shot, it's perfect, straight through the neck and it doesn't even know I'm here. I press L-Click to shoot, but instead, I put my gun away.


Doc pops his stupid head up "You're trying to hunt a Whitetail Deer, you don't currently have the licence to hunt this prey" I swear to God, Doc, I'm going to shoot you, and all your virtual floating head family. ARGH!

Anyway, later on I find two Mule Deer grazing in the grass, and I take my shot; straight through the heart/lung. FINALLY! Wait, what...? The deer is fleeing?! As I try to comprehend what the hell just happened, I decide that now; now it's pretty obvious the game hates me.

Roughly 3 in-game hours later, I tracked a deer which I gave the name Lumpy. He was a pleasant looking critter, which made me more sad that our time together was coming to an end.
I slowly crept up the embankment where he was grazing. Gently munching on that virtual grass I know he loved so much. The birds were chirping, the grasshoppers hopping, whilst I loaded my rifle, and prepared the shot.

Lumpy must have sensed something, but not thought much of it as he edged to the left to chow down on some greener grass. Little did he know; it would be his last meal.

I decided to let him eat some more, as I steadily lined up the shot.

I must have cried so much I blacked out, for as I woke up, I began sobbing again at the blood. Oh the blood. Lumpy was lay on the ground, I checked his pulse and there was nothing. He was dead.

What had I done? Lumpy!

I did the most honourable thing I could; took pictures and used my Huntermate to claim the kill. I decided from that point, that I would retire from my 6 day career as a Hunter.

As I put my camera away, I threw my rifle to the ground and made my way up the hill, to finish my new mission; inform Lumpy's family of the horrible fate that had fallen upon Lumpy.

And also learn Lumpy was a female.

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