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Monday, 28 January 2013


My gamer diary continues - will I finally find the elusive Mule Deer? Or will my lacklustre hunting/tracking skills continue to belittle and humiliate me?

Border Lodge 18:00
So, today I'm starting from Border Lodge, which, according to the map description is a "narrow passage connecting the Logger's Point peninsula to the other reserves on the large Evergreen island. The area features a denser vegetation combined with the hilly landscape and open fields."

Common Prey: Mule Deer, Pheasant, Feral Hog, Coyote. 

Ranges: Bow.

Me, however, I'm going after that bastard Mule Deer. If you recall, I finished yesterdays quest without even a sight of a deer, although I found tracks and poop from three different Mule Deer.

Today, I'm going to get one.
I've Got The Killer Look

So its 18:02 and raining. Great. I had trouble yesterday and it was sunny, but, I best get started before those Mule Deer get the heads up I'm on my way to open a can of whoop ass on their hides.

Made myself jump traipsing through a boggy marsh, when I mistook an moss covered rock with a crocodile.

Shot croc'orock in its stupid fucking face.

I Found a trail! And right next to the footprints, was a pile of fresh Mule poop! Not from the same deer, though. So, like any good hunter would do, I chose to follow the first trail, because it was absolutely the best option, no doubt about it. After walking for around ten minutes, I headed back to follow the other trail, but instead found a different trail, these Mule Deer are so freakin' sneaky.

Come to think of it, each time I've found a trail, it seems that it's blown off course by the activities of another Deer. MAYBE THEY WORK IN PACKS? Like...VELOCIRAPTOR'S??

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So after following trails, constantly finding new trails, then back on to previous, then new, previous etc.  I finally seemed to be on the right track. THEN, I heard it. The Mule Deer. Then again. I must be doing something right.

Unless it's mating.

I FOUND THE BASTARD! I quickly managed to take a picture before it fled, I could smell it's fear.

**Day 2 wrap up**

So today has been quite a penultimate entry in the Gamer Diary, Becoming Fear: The Hunter. 
You see, after finding nothing but butterflies, dragonflies, a crashed car and a carton of milk on yesterday's outing, today I had the joy of finding my first Mule Deer. 

Within the first 10 minutes of day 2, as I was traipsing through a boggy marsh, I scared myself by mistaking a moss covered rock with a crocodile. 

Rock o'dile I called it, as I shot it in its stupid face.

Moving on from my near death experience, I'd spent the best part of 40 minutes tracking around 4 different deer, because, as I came to the conclusion yesterday, Mule Deer are like Velociraptors; travelling in packs, herding their unsuspecting prey, skulking in the grass, watching, planning. 

And drinking milk (and then littering!). 

Continuing my trail, I became giddy at the sound of the deer. Then, I saw it. 

Grazing in the lush green grass, was the elusive bastard that had been toying with me. I don't doubt that the sounds were its laughter. But still, I had to take a photo. Yes, I could have drew my rifle and taken a shot first, but I wanted the moment to last, I wanted to feel the gripping sensation my buttocks was sending through my body as I clenched in preparation. I wanted to be able to look back and see the look in its eye, knowing I'd outsmarted the evil swine. 

So I equipped my camera; only for it to flee!
 I got a rubbish photo, and lost the deer. Luckily, the Huntermate was quick to tell me the deer was fleeing, as if my eyes couldn't comprehend the motions of the deer legging it into the massive landscape as a bad sign. 

Still, at least I found one. That's something at least, right? 

 Tomorrow: Day 3! Will I finally claim my first Mule Deer on my third outing?

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