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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Greatest Iron Man Cosplay Ever

Cosplay fan and utter LEGEND Anthony Le has made, quite possibly, one of the best (if not the actual best) Cosplay suits ever. Based on the new Avengers 2012 movie suit, Le has made a fully working Iron Man suit, with:

-increased mobility  v3.5
-Motorized shoulder Missile pod v2.0
-Motorized shoulder Gun pod v2.0
-upgraded Flight stabilizers v2.0
-Quad jet stream FX co2 powered v2.0
-Motorized faceplate v2.5
-elbow/forearm covers v.2.5
-knee/back leg covers v2.5
-flight stabilizers light system v1.5
-gun pod lights v1.5

If only it flew and had working weaponry...

Check out the suit in action after the jump, and hit the source at the bottom of the page for more.

Source: anthonyle247 (Youtube)

Source: anthonyle247 (Youtube)

Want more? Head over to Anthony Le's website to see more.

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