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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Tech Beever BrainWave: Part 2: The Pokemon Proposition

If you were reading yesterday, you would have witnessed the most amazing idea since man decided to put doors on walls. Yes, the Tech Beever Brainwave Pokemon Proposition. What does that entail then? Well, you can read the whole thing here, but essentially, we want Pokemon digital trading cards on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch (not necessarily that platform, Android etc would be cool too, but Apple is the obvious choice in terms of users, iTunes, App store etc). Today, you can see yet more mock ups, this time of user interface on both iPhone and iPad.

Pressing the Pokeball will take you to the Pokemon Digital Trading Card Homescreen

From here, you can access your card collection, link up with friends to trade cards,
head online to see who's playing/trading, search for your friends, chat to people,
buy cards via in app purchase, battle with people, edit your profile,
and connect via Gamecenter and Facebook
Choosing your cards for battle brings up your chosen card, with the option to
return to your collection, or choose yes/no

The battle screen is one giant table, with your health points, card collection, attacks, energy cards, and chat and home buttons nested on the bottom, 
whilst your opponents moves are brought up automatically on the top when they make a move/chose a card.

Taking your battles with you is easy, as you can easily sync your collection to your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with ease. 
This also allows you and your friends to challenge each other
or make trades wherever you are.

Well, that's part 2 of our Pokemon Proposition. We contacted Apple yesterday, so hey, you never know, the impossible might happen, and we could see our dream realised!
Want to help? Glad you do! You can vote on our poll, and when we say vote, we mean "get your friends, family, their friends, their family, their friends, their family, on behalf of your pets, their pets, their friends' pets and so on, because we need thousands of thousands of votes guys. So get on it folks!

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