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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Tech Beever BrainWave: Part 1: The Pokemon Proposition

Poke-fever has hit the Tech Beever team, but in all honesty, we genuinly feel the franchise is wasted on the DS. Don't get us wrong, we love the games, but it's not all about the RPG games, what about the trading cards?
Well, that's where Tech Beever Brainwaves comes in. You see, we've been talking it over, and, although it'll never happen, imagine a digital Pokemon trading card game on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch...

Yes, yes, we know there was a trading card game on the GameBoy Color, but stay with us. Imagine being able to buy your cards via iTunes, battling friends over GameCentre, being able to trade your cards with each other, maybe some Facebook integration, with the added luxury of scrolling through your collection Cover Flow style. We're honestly drooling at the prospect.
So much so, that we've created a few little mock-ups of what could entail. Below, you'll find our dreams of Pokemon Digital Trading Cards on iPad and iPhone 4. No in-game footage, obviously.

Scrolling through your collection in a Cover Flow Fashion

Pokemon Digital Cards on iTunes

Bit Of iPad scrolling

Pokemon on Gamecenter

Our little iPhone 4 Advert, if you look close, the tittle over the 'i' is actually a Poke-ball
Well, we've copyrighted the fundamental ideas, so now we're now going to put the idea to both Apple and Nintendo, and if they care about us, they'll listen...

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