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Podcast vs Player is the brainchild of two mindless fools, hell bent on giving the world podcasts and videos; whether they want them or not.

It may come as some surprise to you, but the contributors of PvP are infact, real people.
Callum Povey  PvP Presenter/Website Editor
 He's the hairy one. More than once he’s been described as both ruggish AND dashing. Cal was once a born again unicyclist, until he discovered that he wasn't. True story. You can find him writing for publications such as BlogcriticsVentureBeatGamesBeat, For The Geek and also his own blog. He also has two books published, which you can buy with your hands and read with your eyes. Imagine that!.

Dan Bate   PvP Presenter
He's the tall one.  Born of some origin no one cares about, after performing with Iron Maiden, Dan hit his head and went into a coma for 150 years. When he woke up, he had landed a job as a host on Podcast vs Player. Distraught with the news, Dan now spends every penny PvP earns building a time machine to go back in time, to a world that knew no pain.

James 'Unkie Herm' Herriman  Content Contributor
 James is the other tall one. He's usually found stealing food from the kitchen like a giant anthropomorphic raccoon. When he's not raiding the pantry, you can find him enjoying a rather eclectic taste of games, some of which he kindly reviews for the website, in his own special way. Bless him.

Chris 'Dynamo' Salmon Content Contributor 
Chris is a real world magician. Like, so real you can touch him. With your hands. How cool is that?? If you are so inclined, you can see him perform an array of magical do-dads before your very eyes here.
When he's not making a man saw himself in half, Chris takes part in our Let's Plays like a true gent.

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