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About Us

It may come as some surprise to you, but the contributors of PvP are infact, real people.
Avatar Callum PoveyEditor / Presenter
He's the hairy one. More than once he’s been described as both ruggish AND dashing. As Co-Founder of Podcast vs Player, he is very sorry to everyone that this happened.
Avatar Dan BateEditor / Presenter
He's the tall one. Born of some origin no one cares about, after performing with Iron Maiden, Dan hit his head and went into a coma for 150 years. We haven't seen him since.
Avatar Zoe 'Quizmaster' PoveyPresenter / Quizmaster
Zoe is the red headed one. She enjoys many things. None of them are PvP
Avatar James 'Unkie Herm' HerrimanMascot
James is often refereed to as the "achievement hunter", as he is known for his enormous trophy/achievement collections. Luckily, no one cares about his achievements, in games, or in real life.
Avatar Chris 'Dynamo' SalmonG'Day Mate!
Chris is the Australian. Although not from Australia, he currently resides there, stealing all the sun, and not paying his taxes. He's a mean Rocket League player though.
Avatar Pixel BanditsPvP Guests
Pixel Bandits are a brilliant group of people, who have very kindly worked with us. They wish we were Funhaus.
Avatar PoundSoundPvP Guests
PoundSound are the genius' behind the current podcast intro theme and backing music,
'Poundsound vs Podcast'. We'd thank them, but we envy their talent.

Podcast vs Player Content

We have a range of shows, from Let's Plays, to Podcasts, Gameshows and Animation


PvP Podcast

Join Cal, Dan and guests as they tackle the never ending cycle of gaming, the internet, movies, or whatever else springs into the show!


Cal and Dan Play

A revolving roster of games played by Cal and Dan, extremely poorly. Plus, giveaways, Indie Spotlights and more!


Cal and Zoe Bulls**t

Random games, ranging from free to AAA releases, but more often than not, just Cal shouting at Zoe.


The PvP Show

Animated shenanigans from the Podcast vs Player team. Strong language and not to scale characters.


What's That Slang

Every region of the world has it's own slang, so Quizmaster Zoe sets the boys the task of identifying what each one means.


Open Bar (coming soon)

Alcohol, friends, guests and any topics on the table. That's Open Bar, join us, wont you!

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