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Monday, 1 January 2018

PvP 2017 Highlights

A whole year has gone! So, here's some highlights (lowlights?) from Podcast vs Player 2017, and from everyone at and involved with Podcast vs Player, have an excellent 2018!

Videos used:
Dan Heals People: Battlefied 1

Guts and Glory: Cycle to Work Day with Cal

Cal and Zoe Play Spooky For Free

Cal and Dan play: Pantropy!

Goldeneye 007 LEG-ends

Podcast Vs Player: Episode 109 - With Special Guest Pixel Bandits!

Cal & Dan Play: We Were Here

Cal and Dan play: Paladins

Cal and Zoe: MORE FREE Bulls**t

Cal Does Destiny 2 (Reel)

Cal and Dan play: Alien Swarm

Whats That Slang: West Country Edition

Cal and Dan Play: Broforce some more!

PvP Show: Private Dicks Blooper Reel

Cal and Zoe Do: Cuphead

GTA Boinking

Cal & Zoes Halloweenathon

Cal & Zoes Halloweenathon (Part 2)

Dan plays: Rimworld again!

Cal & Dan Play Deep Rock Galactic (PLUS Code Giveaway)

Goldeneye:Source - Up Your Arsenal

Cal & Zoe: Kindergarten Cops (Think of the Children Gameplay)

00 GOLDENSPEED (Goldeneye:Source gameplay)

The Last Jedi Spoilercast

Spoon Engineers (Space Engineers Gameplay)


PvP intro and backing music created for Podcast vs Player by the incredibly talented PoundSound
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