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PvP#58: The BIG News!

TRUMPETS! That's what you get; a fanfare! Just for checking out this weeks podcast!
This week, we were backed into a corner, forced to actually do some journalism, because we've already planned to use the big news stories for a video, so, we had to dig some other shit up to use for the podcast.

Luckily, we found some rather interesting news and tidbits just for you!

 Phil Harrison leaves Microsoft  is around the 00:50 mark

 Big Hero 6 sequel  news is around the 01:59 mark

 Guardians of the Galaxy (aka Guardians 3000)  news is around the 06:23 mark

 Guitar Hero Live  news is around the 08:43 mark

 Mortal Kombat X  opinions is around the 23:43 mark

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