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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Happy HalloTeen!

Greetings! And Happy Halloween!

First off, Happy Birthday to me! It was my birthday this month and so thanks for all the birthday messages over on my Facebook. Dan, the ever stupid fool that he is, brought me some awesome Teen Titan's Go! figures, which, as you can tell, are awesome!

I won't be bombarding this post with pictures of all the things that I got, but I will finish the birthday cheer with some gifts from our PvP Contributors.

James was a massive tit and got me the Evil Within, and Chris did the naughty and got me the Last of Us Remastered. Two amazingly brilliant games, and two generous young chaps!

Moving on, our content has been a tad slow this month, as I've had some time off, but we've still made time to get content out, so we hope you've all enjoyed it!

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We also had a MASSIVE give-away over the weekend, where gave away codes for the Evolve BIG Alpha, meaning a handful of you were able to join in on the closed Alpha, allowing you to play Evolve a whopping 4 months before it's release in February.

Congratulations to James, Euan, Rick, CrackGamingStudio, Gizmokvakk, Eric plus Eric's friend (we'll call him Barry) who all won a code in our givaway!

Not so big congratulations to Sam, who has been the first to enter the dark, damp world that is the Podcast vs Player BLACKLISTSam got a code from us, and used the code, the last Xbox One code that we had, and held his own give-away using said code.

2K sent us the codes to give away as a token of good will, and we followed through and gave others the chance to enjoy the Big Alpha alongside us. We didn't have to, we could have just handed them out to friends and family or even just kept them for ourselves, but instead we gave you; our listeners and viewers the chance to play Evolve, as a gesture from us to you. 

Sam specifically asked for a Xbox One code, and as it was the last XB code we had, meant another of our viewers/listeners missed out, and that makes us angry.

That is all we'll say about Shit Lord Sam, purely on the stead that we don't wish to give him anymore publicity through us.

Moving on from that sour note though, we hope the rest of you scamps are enjoying Evolve and don't forget to keep an eye out for our other give-aways coming up through the year! 

Lastly, we hope you all had a great Halloween!

Callum Povey  PvP Presenter/Website Editor
He's the hairy one. More than once he’s been described as both ruggish AND dashing. Cal was once a born again unicyclist, until he discovered that he wasn't. True story. You can find him writing for publications such as BlogcriticsVentureBeatGamesBeatFor The Geek and also his own blog. He also has two books published, which you can buy with your hands and read with your eyes. Imagine that!.

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