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PvP Givaway: Civilization: Beyond Earth

This week we are giving away a 5% discount on a Civilization: Beyond Earth pre-order!

Fancy some of that discount? Then get in touch!

You can enter by either tweeting us @PODCASTvPLAYER or use the form at the bottom of this post. First one to contact us wins, it's as easy as that!

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth is an upcoming turn-based, 4X video game in the Civilization series developed by Firaxis Games, planned for release on Microsoft Windows on October 24, 2014,and will be released later for OS X and Linux.

A spiritual successor to Alpha Centauri, Beyond Earth shares much of that game's development team, as well as many concepts which were introduced in the 1999 title. The game's setting is unique to the Civilization series in that it takes place in the future, with mankind traveling through space and founding colonies on extraterrestrial planets after recovering from an unrevealed catastrophic event called "The Great Mistake".

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