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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Cal's 'Note' Happy

Well, first off the good news; I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4! The bad news; it wont be here until next week, booooooo!

The other bad news; my Galaxy Note 3 has decided it doesn't want to show the screen anymore. Randomly, as I opened up a text message I'd received, the screen just went black. No hiccups or anything, just black.

The phone itself still works fine, I can unlock it and such; I just can't see what I'm doing. Which, in any circumstance, isn't ideal.

I proceeded to do the usual, hold the power button to reset it. Nothing.

Took the battery out, waited five minutes, tried again. Nothing.

Took the battery out, held the power key, then put the battery back in. Nothing.

I then connected it via the HDML/HDMI cable to my TV and everything worked fine -- on the TV. Still nothing on my phone screen, but I could see everything on my TV. So at least that sorted that, now all I need to do is grab a generator and strap my 47" TV to my back and I'm good to go.

So for now, I'm having to use my iPhone 4. Which is certainly not ideal.

I love my Note 3, it's by far the best phone I've ever had, but what's more, I use it for literally everything when I'm away from the computer, plus, I do all the artwork for PvP on it with the Wacom Digitiser S-Pen. If need be, I can steal/borrow my fiancées Note 2, but I'm not a complete bastard; I think I can wait just under a week for the Note 4 to arrive, but I'm not being OTT when I say; I hate using the iPhone 4 again.

It's too small, it's too slow and it's too...well...Apple.

Don't get me wrong, when the iPhone 4 first came out I loved it. I pre-ordered and brought outright the little bugger and I don't regret it for a second, but since I turned to Android with the Sony Tablet S and then the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I knew that I'd never get another iPhone.

But at least I've got the iPhone 4, it's a phone, it makes calls and texts, surfs the web and plays games.

That will last me until next week...wont it?

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