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Sunday, 7 September 2014

PODCAST vs PLAYER GO! The Week With Us

It's been an interesting week in the land of Podcast vs Player, but what exactly goes on for the worlds most illustrious duo?

Well, there's been actual work going on; like REAL productive work, that real business folk do! 

Over the last few weeks, Dan has been talking to a chap named Eric, who works for Blu Pix, the developers/creators of an upcoming game called Chibis Bomba. Dan is actually aiding the team in troubleshooting the errors we've faced when trying to play the game, and, he's actually narrowed down the issues and is helping them with some other tid-bits, so now we're waiting for them to generate an update, so we can show you all how awesome the game is (and it really is a fun game!) so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Dan has also been talking to George Mamakos, who is the PR & Marketing Manager for Keen Software House, makers of our new favourite game Space Engineers, so all in all, a busy few weeks for Dan!

The ever lucky swine he is, Dan also managed to pre-order Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham for the incredibly amazing price of £13, so come November, you'll know what videos to be expecting from him.

I myself, have done no such things, but I did land affiliate deals with 365Games and Zavvi, to go along with GameSeek. So now we have three. Hurrah.

But, I do have a new desk and microphone, so at least I'm now tidy and I sound tremendous, hurray for me!

Keeping with the business front, we will be re-opening the 'guest post' part of the website we used to have when we were Tech Beever (R.I.P), because it seemed rather popular, so if you'd like to have a (relevant) article posted, whether it's about gaming, technology, movies or comics, then let us know using the form that will available once the section goes live again.

Moving on, we have been working on a lot of new content, all of which can be found on the site, our YouTube channel and our Twitter. But, if you're too lazy to seek it out (we don't blame you), then our weekly updates entry covers all the weeks latest content, which you can find here.

This weeks podcast is a little late, but it's on it's way! Meanwhile, you can listen to last weeks episode HERE if you haven't already, with the newest episode up shortly!

On the social front, if you missed out, you can still enter to win a Playstation 4 along with a copy of Destiny, by entering HERE, but be quick, a winner will be picked at random on Friday September 12th, so take part and good luck!

Keeping with give-aways, did you guys take us up on our offer last weekend? We gave you 5% off ANYTHING at 365Games (offer has ended now) , so if you used the code, let us know what you got! We always have stuff to share, so keep your peepers over on Twitter and take part!

As always, thank you for the love over on our Twitter , new followers and lots of favourites and re-Tweets this week, so big thanks to you guys, every interaction makes us smile, and helps our penis' grow a little more. 

Lastly, Dan wanted a drawing of Podcast vs Player as the Teen Titans. Dan as Beast Boy and Raven, myself as Robin and Cyborg and my fiancée Zoe as StarFire. So I did it:
Oh, and I have a new Jack Skeleton figure to go with the many, many toys that I have on my desk. Jack gets to sit on the lid though, 'cause he's Jack.

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