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Saturday, 16 August 2014

So, okay...PISSED OFF!

If you followed us in the old days of Tech Beever, you'd maybe recall a little something myself and Dan came up with; an idea so mind blowing that it should've come with an STD warning.
Pokemon Trading Card game on iPad/iPhone.

Now, we wont go into the whole thing, but you can read our ideas here: Tech Beever BrainWave: Part 1: The Pokemon Proposition, and here Tech Beever BrainWave: Part 2: The Pokemon Proposition.

Here's a few mock ups we made:

Anyway, lets cut to the chase, over on Twitter today, Josh Wittenkeller uploaded a picture of...Pokemon Trading Card game for the iPad.

Fuckers! We should be rich, that was our idea years ago! 

We even contatcted both Apple and Nintendo, with Nintendo even getting back to us:

Hello Tech Beever,
Although we appreciate your interest in sharing your ideas for a digital Pokemon trading card game, we are unable to pass along or accept unsolicited ideas for legal reasons. For more information, please visit the following address:
[removed for legal reasons]
Also, be sure to check our website's What's New section ( regularly for all the latest information and announcements regarding our products.
Shawn FordNintendo of America Inc.

Oh well, guess we'll just start our Digimon Botox treatment idea.

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