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Friday, 11 April 2014

Happy DayZ: Survivor Diaries (Part 2)

Day 2: Endless Love

After the initial fiasco, we decided that we (or should I say 'I') should keep out of the way of Zombies until I could find a weapon. With that order barked from Admiral Dan, we continued to follow the coast until we found each other.

Like a scene from a romantic comedy, once we saw each other from a far, we ran blindly towards one another, imagining our arms stretched wide and our grins filled with tales of love and affection as we ran through glorious fields, with sun beams illuminating our faces as doves circled us from above.

Unfortunately, we just ran up to each other, through soggy sand and rain, then headed off to find supplies so we could fight some Zombies.

After a small walk into the nearby town, we stumbled across a screwdriver which I took for myself, as Dan had already found an Axe so we were reasonably well prepared for a Zombie attack, or if we encountered anyone with a loose door handle that needed tightening. Nonetheless, we started out on our first mission: find the air hanger.

**It must be noted, that we had to restart twice due to some server problems rendering our characters unusable as we were killed twice by players during some server hiccups which meant we couldn't arm ourselves and when we did, shots didn't connect. With that being said, after we were mercilessly gunned down, we decided that everything, Zombie OR player, was going to die
A few towns over, we were now rather amply supplied, both now armed with M4's and pistols, as well as axes and plenty of food and water, plus medical supplies, compass' and a tin opener, all tucked away in our rather fashionable mountain backpacks.

After what felt like hours, which, it actually was, we stumbled across the hanger. Seeing as we had spent the better part of the night travelling (and fighting with the servers), we decided to call it there, and scavenge the hanger the next day.

Day 3: Mission Accomplished

As we re-spawned at our target location, we were greeted with the glorious sights of the airbase; buildings, fire station and of course, the hangers. We immediately checked the building we had de-spawned in prior, but unfortunately only found a few cans of food, another backpack and some ammo for guns we hadn't got, but, this was just the first of many parts of the airbase, there had to be more bounties to uncover. 

 We proceeded to the fire station building, where we stumbled across a new axe, yet more food supplies, but also a walkie talkie. As he had the space, Admiral Dan took it, even though we were yet to think of a reason for it, but in the world of DayZ; you never know.

We were gong to head straight to the hangers, but we decided to check out the building just slightly up the runway, as it would mean backtracking after we'd searched all the hangers, but, as we got there, we noticed the door was open.

"This doors open" I whisper to Dan, not completely sure as to why I'm whispering. "Hmmm, I know" he replied "keep your gun out, I don't like the look of this" he continued, as he pulled out his M4 and peered through the doorway. "Whoever was here, didn't take much, there's still plenty of food and ammo" he pointed out as we entered the building. As Dan searched downstairs, I headed up to check the top floor, my finger resting over the left mouse button, stroking it as if it were a worked up guard dog (don't stroke guard dogs, kids!).

After checking the whole building and grabbing what supplies were there, we found no people, dead or otherwise, and proceeded towards the hangers, hopefully to find a magazine for Dan's pistol to complete his armoury. As always, Dan took front position, as I preferred to be behind for two reasons; 

A.) Dan is a better shot than me
B.) His female character has a nice tooshie,

We raid the first hanger, finding a badly damaged butt-stock for our assault rifles, but not much else, so we head out and to the next one.
As we get there, I see smoke come from Dan just as he shouts "I'VE BEEN SHOT! I'VE BEEN FUCKING SHOT!" as Dan high tails it into the hanger for safety, I back trail into the middle gap of the two hangers, furiously scoping around to see where the bastard was.
"Dan, I can't see anyone!" I shout as I keep looking, heading to the back of the hanger and slowly working around the left side. "Keep looking, I'm bandaging myself up" Dan orders, the frustration of falling out of suspicion in his voice "I knew someone was here" he continued, as I made my way to the far side of the second hanger, still no sign of anyone. 

After a few minutes, Dan decides we can't stay here not knowing who shot at us and even worse, not knowing if they were alone, so he makes a play to run out from the hanger to join me, as I cover him as best as I can. I wait for his gas-mask and bright orange mountain backpack to appear, then we proceed to run through the hole in the fence and down the field.

"Not much of a haul" I grumble as we run, each taking it in turns to check for anyone following us. "Just keep moving" Dan replies, before shouting out that we were being shot at.
We see a house up ahead and run straight for it; we needed cover and a plan.
Personally, I blame Dan's bright orange backpack, but that's a different story.

We sat in the house for a good fifteen minutes, me peering through the window overlooking the field towards the hanger, whilst Dan sat aimed at the door. "They could be sat waiting for us outside" I said to Dan, who was also thinking the same thing. We mustered up the courage to go down the stairs, opening the door, before each running back up as we suck at making decisions that could lead to death.
"Right" Dan finally ordered, "we go out, one to the left, one to the right," I couldn't argue with the Admiral, if they were waiting outside, at least one of us could get away, most probably Dan, but still; one of us had to escape, we'd come too far to die in this shitty house, our excrement and backpacks all that remain of our legacy.

We each took a deep breath and ran out, Dan to the right, myself to the left. Nothing. Not a single person. 
We took this as a good sign and decided to make tracks, heading up the main road to get our bearings and come up with a plan.

As always, this was cut short, as Dan saw three guys roaming the fields, only this time; we had the jump on them.
We ran to the top of the hill, overlooking the field where they stood, looking over at the airbase up ahead. "They might not be the ones who shot at us, it looks like they're planning on going to the hanger" Dan says as he takes position on the hill. "Could be, or they could be looking for us" I reply, aiming down the sights of my M4, watching as they stand together like a cluster of armed up grapes.

"Remember when the servers went crazy and we gave those guys that killed us the benefit of the doubt?" I continue, my finger easing over the left mouse button. "Indeed" Dan replies as he goes prone, lining up a shot.

I get an overwhelming urge to just fire at the group; so I do. Two of them scatter as the other falls to the floor, but as we were pretty far away, we're not sure if I hit them or not, but it was enough to separate them at least. One makes a run for the hill we're on, so we wait in the bushes, hoping to flank him up far enough to take him, but, Dan mentions they looked pretty well armed, machine guns and all, so we chicken out and make a run through the forest behind us.

After running for a good ten minutes, we hold up in a barn to drink some water and eat some cereal and tuna, still no sign of the trio. Figuring it's safe, we head on down the road to find the next town, as we are greeted with a man running straight towards us. "He's not a Zombie" I shout out, Dan agreeing as the guy gets closer. With both of us pointing our M4's at him, he stops. Staring at us, before falling to the ground, on account of Dan filling him with bullets. "I don't think he's dead, there's no blood" Dan pipes up. "I've got it" I reply, as I equip my axe and bludgeon the swine. 

"That'll do it" Dan laughs "what's he got on him?"

"A kids backpack, some peaches and a baseball-bat" I reply as I steal the peaches. "I don't think he was from the airbase" I say to Dan as we walk away.

"They never are" Dan replies "They never are."

Next episode: We're Bandits!

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