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Monday, 18 November 2013

Update! Update! Get Your Update!

So here it is. The first official, hand written (typed) entry on the site for a few months.

As you can see, I've been a busy bee with my best friend (and former Contributing Editor of Tech Beever) Dan, as we have taken it upon ourselves to fill your ears with podcasting goodness, as well as taking over YouTube to please your eyes with delightful videos and the likes.

Unfortunately, my PC has took a massive shit on the face.

Yes, I've spent the best part of four days trying to get it at the point where I can run Minecraft again (yes, its having problems running fucking Minecraft!) so that we can continue our Cal and Dan Play Minecraft series (which, if you haven't already been watching series one, then check it out HERE).

So, in the slight setback, we decided we'd start a new series of playing DC Universe Online. While I waited for Dan to do the massive 3.7gig update, I moved my lounge around so that I could be by the TV, and also next to the PC for Skype. So this meant moving my recliner and sitting around two feet away from my 47" TV, with my PC moved next to me. Good times.

With that, I loaded up my ps3, and headed downtown to Gotham City, resuming the life of villainary I'd left behind a while ago, and reaquainting myself with my evil alter ego, Phantomcry.
This also meant my stats/points/powers had been reset! So I had to do all that again.

In not paying attention, I accidently clicked "Bow" instead of "Duel Pistols", and continued to click willy nilly through all the skill points, only realising once it was all too late.

Oh well, at least we'll have fun.


Oh we would have...if we had known/realised that DC Universe Online on Ps3 and PC don't share a server. So, after a good hour of dicking around, it was all for nothing. Superb.
Obviously, Dan could have just started DCU on his Ps3, but then we couldn't have recorded it.
Not a problem, I could have just started it on my PC...

Nope, not a fucking chance.

So, all in all, a productive week!

Not only did we realise my PC is even worse than we thought, but also, Dan did an update that really wasn't needed.

I also learnt Dan has a sordid eBay past, but that's a story for another day.

What did happen though, was a few new "Dan Plays" episodes, check them out!

Dan Plays:
Lego Marvel Super Heroes 1 - The Hype
Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 - The worst glider ever...
Lego Marvel Super Heroes 3 - I'm a little teapot..
Lego Marvel Super Heroes 4 - Hawkeye is a dick and Dan is stupid as shit

Dan Plays:
DC Universe Online - Psywave is back in action

And if you missed last weeks podcast, PvP Episode 8, check it out here!

While you're doing things with your eyes and ears, check out series one of our "Cal and Dan Play: Minecraft" right here! Complete with our new series art!

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