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Podcast Episode 3 : Next Generation Gaming

Join myself and former Tech Beever Editor, Dan Bate, for an out of this world adventure!

Or, y'know, just a Podcast.

This weeks MASSIVE episode features:

Xbox One: Microsoft through out the towel with their reveal of the successor to the Xbox 360, but just who the hell did they throw it to?

Playstation 4: Sony! That's who! They caught the towel, shit all over it, and threw it back. 

(The towel is a metaphor; there wasn't 'actually' any shit towels thrown around. On stage, at least...)

But, we have our worldly views and opinions on the Eighth Generation of consoles, plus what games we're most looking forward to (and the ones we're not). 

7.7.7: The first edition of a new feature, in which Dan goes the length of the country, armed with Seven Pounds of British Sterling, to buy a game, finish it in 7 days, then review it in 7 minutes. 777. This week, everyone's favourite 00 Agent... 

GET YOUR APPS OUT! : Well, don't, it's just a name. Like your apps? Then welcome to GYAP! Each week, 3 selected Apps/Games will be discussed. That is all.

Plus, Wii U, ramblings, shenanigans and plenty more!

Join us, won't you!

Player not showing? Head here to download the Podcast!

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