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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Podcast Episode 1 : Man of Steel

Remember when you used to like listening to stuff?

Well here it is, after all the delays and setbacks, Episode 1 is finally here.
Join myself and former Tech Beever Editor, Dan Bate, for an adventure (so mediocre) you will never forget!
This weeks episode features:
Man of Steel - opinions and views on Superman's latest big screen effort, plus discussions on the recently outed sequel which will feature a certain caped crusader...
The Wolverine - does Hugh Jackman's latest offering fix the shit piles that were Origins and Last Stand? We don't know, as we hadn't seen it at the time of recording...BUT, we sure as hell have views and opinions already!
X-Men: Days of Future Past - The direct sequel to First Class, the upcoming movie already has us in serious questions of whether or not Proff. X will travel back in time to stop Last Stand being made.
And of course, lots of absolute and utter shite along the way!

Join us, won't you!

Player not showing? Head here to download the Podcast!

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