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Friday, 8 March 2013

The Week:Of News

My news, is your news, is their old news.

I've (mostly) been a busy bee this week, and so, I figured as I won't be doing my Tomb Raider review for a little while, I'd write about this instead; **which is just as good - if not better-AND- there's bullet points!

**it's really not.

  • So, last week, I was invited to the Makers Academy Launch Party, which is actually being held right now. Unfortunately I couldn't attend, but many thanks to Paul Scanlon for the opportunity to have a drink with the big wigs!

  • The writing of my third book has been ongoing for a short while and this week I did...3 pages! I'll be honest, my time keeps coming and going with this book, my first two I worked solidly on, but this one seems to be taking that little longer for the idea fairies to kaboom my brain; but, I am pretty confident this will be the best Langley Shivers story ever! Also, do not believe the Facebook hype that Langley is to be the new face of Hugo Boss; that's just silly,

  • Keeping books in mind, I'm actually part of a 'super secret project' right now and whilst I'm not allowed to divulge any real information as of yet, I'll update with news as I'm allowed to tell you. Kind of pointless telling you something I can't actually tell you about really.

  • My Mid:Week Do Rar has been postponed, but it is on it's way and will probably be up tomorrow, so I'll think of something more appropriate to name it, as it's past Mid-Week. However, lot's of TV, films, games and the like is to be included, so your eyes may feel slightly more erotically challenged than usual. 

  • Myself and former Tech Beever Contributing Editor, Dan, are considering a new channel in a proposal from the Gaming/Entertainment channel, Machinima. We're only at the planning stage,so God knows how long this will take before we actually make anything. High standards then and, as always; low to poor results.

  • On the March 15, I find out what the sex of my baby is (EXCITED!!!!) and, as all fathers do, I intend to force my love of gaming/geeky/comics and whatnot onto my child. So, I started by buying this for the little scamp to come home in when he/she (I don't care if it's Superman, a girl can wear it!) is born:
The best thing is; I have the matching T-Shirt! So we'll be the coolest nerds in town as we drive home in our Citroen DS3, which is yellow and black, so the wife and I named it Bumblebee (from Transformers). It even has the Autobot logo on the headrests. Our child is going to be so proud it has such totally cool parents.

  • Having been able to play the new God of War: Ascension, I can honestly say, Kratos can still hold his own amongst the videogame beefcakes. I won't go into too much detail (that's coming soon!), but I will say God of War: Ascension is everything you could hope for. Unless you're an Xbox 360 owner, then you're probably going to be a little jealous.

  • After jumping the news on me that he was thinking of getting a Tablet, my dad asked me which he should get. So, I spent a good half-hour going through the basics of how they worked. He's pretty much a technophobic, so just the fact he knew a tablet wasn't just a pill made me happy. But, after narrowing everything down, we decided the Galaxy Tab 2 - 7inch tablet was the winning choice. Now, to attempt to explain the internet to him...

  • And, finally, my cat, Luna, who acts more like a dog/baby, decided that she didn't wish to use her legs to walk around anymore and instead, opted to live in my "D.I.Y Around the House" hoodie as I was installing some new radiators around my home:

She really is adorable.

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