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Sunday, 10 February 2013

DIY Floating Wall/Home Cinema (Update)

So, this weekend saw me continuing with my DIY Floating Wall/Home Cinema; yay!

I didn't (for the first time!) do a step by step, but, the plug for the Surround Sound doesn't come away from the system, and as such, wouldn't feed through the holes I made to hide the wires. So, after  a trip to Maplin, I came away with a 3-Pin Flex Connector and did the only thing I knew how in such crisis; grabbed my Stanley Knife and a pair of scissors and cut the lead in half. 

After crying at how this may or not work, I then stripped the plastic coat to uncover the insulation that protects the wires (blue, brown) then stripped the wires to expose the copper.

**For legal reasons I'm told I have to tell you kids, that if you're attempting to try this (or anything similar), without the knowledge to do so, you're stupid; 
Playing with electrics is DANGEROUS, and if done wrong, you could be hurt - or worse; you could ruin your gear.

So, after stripping the wires and connecting them to the appropriate terminals (ALWAYS make sure you've connected the right ends to the right connector! DO NOT connect the appliance to the mains terminal (pins)!!!) I plugged in and waited for my house to burn down.

Success! My house didn't burn down, and more importantly; the Surround Sound still worked.
So, after removing the bottom shelf and the bottom panel, I began staring at Jennifer Aniston, hoping the cables would all disappear before I needed to feed the new plug through.
**Note; they didn't.

So, after rewiring/threading all the cables, I then proceeded to re-connect everything and choose my lottery numbers apparently.

Because you're all obviously bothered, here's a list of the gear that's sat there:

1. 47" LG 47LW540U Cinema 3D TV

2. Front LG Speaker and Wii Sensor Bar

3. Sky+ HD Box

4. LG 5.1 Surround Sound

5. Playstation 3 Slim (250GB)

6. Nintendo Wii

7. Xbox 360 Elite (120GB)

8. PSP 300

9. Nintendo DSlite

10. PS3 Controllers

11. LG Subwoofer Speaker

12. Xbox 360 Controllers

13. Wii Controllers

14. Front L&R LG Speakers

15. Internet Router and HDMI Switcher Box
And so, that's it for now! It's still a while off being finished (funds, damn bills) but I shall be posting more on my efforts.

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