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Sunday, 27 January 2013

The End of Beever

As you may be aware, updates on Tech Beever have been, well, pretty lacking. The truth is, we've not had time to sit down and contribute our news and reviews, as much as we tried; real life got in our way.

We have jobs and families and whilst we'd have loved to jack in our real jobs and do Tech Beever full time, sadly, we can not.
For us, Tech Beevers run has been nothing short of amazing; starting out as the small blog site TG-Radar,  we went on to become Tech Beever and got noticed by various big sites, most notably Best Mobile Contracts UK and the critically acclaimed BlogCritics.
Being able to play and review the latest games before release was phenomenal, as well as testing out various apps and smartphones made Tech Beever all worth it, whilst every Friday saw the latest episode of Tech Beever's very own comic Hard at Break debut, all thanks to BoomMike.
But, with all the larger Tech/Gadget blogs like IGN and Engadget, Tech Beever never got to the stage where we could contribute full time, and even though it was something we loved dearly,  sadly, other priorities came first.

Myself, I'm an author, currently writing my third book, as well as expecting my first child,  but on top of all that, I have a full time job and a (as good as) wife, whom I spend my evenings with.

With Dan now living much further away, we're not able to review things together easily, nor do live Podcasts without communication problems,  plus he works full time too and now has an amazing gaming pc rig to play with.

Mike living the furthest away (much much further, accross the pond!) meant different time zones made things difficult for updates so he could only deliver one day a week.

And then there's our guest writers, people we thank dearly for the time and effort they gave us. Your articles were brilliant and we enjoyed every email we got from new writers.

To be honest,  we saw this coming before now. Both myself and Dan received the glorious Samsung Galaxy Note II, yet neither us put up a review. Brilliant games like Dishonoured,  Hitman: Absolution and Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal failed to receive reviews, amongst the other big games and apps that too never got so much as mention. On top of the reviews, big news hitters like the latest Tomb Raider, The Last of Us and The Phantom Pain trailers were never covered over the last few months. 
So what now?  Well, this is the last post that will grace Tech Beever's homepage; however, the site will continue running (well, it's actually a whole different site) and will serve as my personal blog, so still expect posts on gaming and gadgets,  as well as videos and news, but added to the mix will be updates on my projects and various other malarkey.
So, on that final note,  we'd like thank all of you who made Tech Beever grow, every time you guys visited and commented, you gave us that extra bit of exposure and helped us get noticed. Whilst on a whole,  the site was something we were passionate about, overall, it was all down to you guys who made it a great place to hang out.

We'd also like to show our appreciation to the people who took a chance on us; BlogCriticsBest Mobile Contracts UK and the game developers and publishers that allowed us to review your games, and not forgetting the guys who sat patiently for interviews.
Finally,  I'd personally like to thank BoomMike for taking the time to create the webcomic Hard at Break for Tech Beever, which he made sure a new episode debuted every Friday without fail. I urge you to support him with his other comics, he's an incredibly talented guy and his comics are incredibly good.

Check out his work here.

It's been a brilliant ride and a great few years, and from Tech Beever to you;  we hope 2013 brings you all the games and gadgets you wish for and thanks for the awesome geeky times we've shared.

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