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*Sigh* Let's get on with it...

Day 5 of my quest to gradually loath myself as a hunter, and whilst things weren't off to a great start, I did at least see more today.
Eleven minutes in and I found a Mule Deer, which, obviously, I missed, as I armed my (loaded) rifle, but as I was rather far away, I decided I would continue aiming and walking until I was in a good spot.

I didn't, however, amount for the small canyon I fell down, landing in some water, and scaring the deer away as I shot aimlessly, mistakenly pressing L-Click (fire) instead of R-Click (put gun away).


However, I did come across a Coyote and a Feral Hog, neither of which I could hunt, pointed out by Mr Know It All Doc, but at least I know there is actually some wildlife out here.

--More Bloody Updates To Come--

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