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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Becoming Fear: The Hunter (Day 1)

Day 1 of my new gamer diary, 'Becoming Fear: The Hunter', and things seem to be going from good to, well, lost...
Now, I'm not particularly a big fan of hunting, I quite like animals, BUT, this is a game, so where's the harm? I'll tell you where - in my head!

Who 'Ya Gonna Call?
Yes, since starting the Hunter, I've turned into Clive (well, Falloutcal), the badass, and all around general top dog in the field of hunting and tracking his prey.

Kind of.

You see, so far in my 3 1/2 hours of The Hunter, I've actually yet to find/see/take a picture/kill/run away from anything. At all.

Field Lodge - Time of Day: 6:00am

The Lodgers Point field lodge is beginning of my adventure. Heading deep into the Evergreen Hunting Reserve, my main task of the day; Mule Deer.

Apparently, Pheasants and Feral Hogs also make their way across the vast valley's  but they can wait; I have Mule Deer to take down, which, for the purpose of this, I'm assuming they are some kind of ridiculously evil terrorist Deer, hell bent on destroying the world, and it's up to me to stop them.

So I've been travelling for 1hour:3mins and so far I've seen only butterflies and maybe some dragonflies and I've just spent around 10mins tracking an animal call, which has brought me to Canyon Creek. Maybe this is where Dawson went after that show finally finished, being raised by Feral Hogs and what not. It's something to ponder at least.

Also, for like, the second time, I've heard what sounded like a plane (??) which seems odd. 
I hope that pesky deer hasn't done one and left me.

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So, still no Mule Deer, no Pheasants, Hogs, anything! But I've now somehow made my way back to Lodgers Point. This must be where all the bears play cards and chill out. I hope so, because my Huntermate says it's 8:13 now, and I'm yet to find anything.

Even the birds are laughing.

So I stumbled across some footprints of the mule deer, then poo of another...then prints of another.
The bastards are herding me.

My problem with The Hunter, isn't the game at all. It's me. I'm impatient. But where I'm running/walking/crouching/crawling around the lush landscapes, it's not that I'm bored, far from it, it's that the anticipation that's building up on the chance that I'm going to stumble across a Mule Deer. And it's bloody brilliant.

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