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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Our 20 Favourite Batman Movie Moments

With The Dark Knight Rises getting every bit of attention (which it deserves!) we thought we'd compile a list of our favourite Batman movie moments (in no particular order) and although there are tons more, these are the ones that made the cut.

----------------------------Spoiler's Alert!----------------------------------

Ok, we've lied, there's a little over 20 Moments on the list, but hey, you can never have enough Batman!

"Swear to me" - Batman Begins

This is probably one of the most quoted scenes in Batman movie history. The moment we really see how terrifying Bruce wants Batman to be. The gritty roar, and the symbolic gesture that Batman may appear to be supernatural has Flass in a pant wetting state.

"I'm Batman" - Batman

Whilst many see Christian Bale as the ultimate Batman (us included), many folk see Michael Keaton as the main man who wore the cape and cowl. This scene in particular showed a darker tone to Batman since the only movies previously were that of the campy Adam West mould. This saw director Tim Burton bringing Batman to his darker roots.

"I'm Batman" - Batman Begins

Think Keaton was intimidating in the scene above? Well, we think Bale did it better. Batman has tracked down where the drugs are being smuggled, resulting in him roughing up Carmine Falcone and his goons, where he tells Falcone just who he is...

[Thanks to Marc D for choosing this one!]

Bruce showing he's human - Batman: Mask of The Phantasm

There's a massive following of people who believe Mask of The Phantasm to be the most faithful adaptation of Batman outside of the comics, and this scene showed that Bruce Wayne isn't always the brooding billionare/beefed up vigalantee. Bruce has recently begun dating Andrea Beaumont, and has become infatuated with her. He finally realizes that having her in his life creates a conflict; He cannot risk his life every night if there is someone who loves him waiting at home.

He confronts his parents grave, and pleads with them for the opportunity to try living a happy life with her, instead of becoming Batman and fulfilling the promise he made to them.

Joker's Pencil Trick Scene - The Dark Knight

I remember hearing about the late Heath Ledger playing the psychotic clown, and as many believed, was a bad move by Nolan. How wrong we were. Ledger took the Joker to a new high, blowing everyone away with his performance. This scene showed us the clown prince of crime was both deranged, and utterly hilarious at the same time

Catwoman "Meow" - Batman Returns

Whilst we all (yes, all, you shouldn't be reading this otherwise) now have the utterly delightful image of Anne Hathaway donning the leathers and straddling the Batpod, long before that, Michelle Pfeiffer played the role of Catwoman. And this scene had the sexual prowess and danger of the femme fatal.

Bank Robbery Scene - The Dark Knight

Quite possibly the most well produced and thought out opening scene in movie history, the bank robbery scene from The Dark Knight was so well orchestrated, that it automatically made you glad Nolan had taken the Batman under his own wing. It also holds some brilliant quotes for Ledger's Joker, including the definitive "What doesn't kill you, only makes you; stranger"

Robin's Death - Batman: Under The Red Hood

One of my favourite Batman movies, Under The Red Hood, a gritty animation that took it's opening scene straight from the comic A Death in the Family, and see's a young Jason Todd savagely beaten by the Joker, before he kills him. Even though most comic readers hated Jason Todd, no one can argue at how gut wrenching the scene is.

Unmasking Bane - The Dark Knight Rises

As we hear the voice of the masked prisoner, we hear for the first time Tom Hardy's Bane. An unusual mix of English, Caribbean heritage, and Bartley Gorman, bringing a sordid style of class and etiquette to an otherwise massive brute. Then the mask is revealed (only to show another mask), and we are treated to the first sigh of Bane. His piercing eyes already striking terror into your soul before he's even stood up.

Bruce's "does it come in black?" line - Batman Begins

As Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) shows Bruce Wayne some high tech weaponry for, erm, spelunking, Bruce notices a rather large "tank like" vehicle. After taking the beast of a car for a spin, he remarks "does it come in black?" a line which brought humour to the gritty Nolan world. The line was later delivered by Fox in The Dark Knight Rises when he reveals to Bruce the Bat, telling him "...and yes, it comes in black". Brilliant.

"You can call me, Joker" - Batman

Grissom (Jack Palance) finds that his old henchman Jack (Jack Nicholson) has reinvented himself after his mob employer set him up and left him to die. A more 'cartoon' like approach to the Joker than Nolan and Ledgers, yet still retaining a homicidal streak.

Blood Bank Scene - The Batman vs. Dracula

In the animated movie Batman vs. Dracular, we see the Gotham's Dark Knight take on the original Bat-Man, and in doing so, see's the Joker transformed into a vampire. From what is essentially a children's animation, this scene is quite scary all things considering, but is a greatly animated and unnerving psyche into the Jokers new un-dead phase.

Joker Blows up a Hospital - The Dark Knight

Yet another entry from the late Heath Ledger's Joker, as he takes to the streets of Gotham in, well, style. Dressed as a nurse, the Joker causes mass panic as he threatens to blow up a hospital, unless Coleman Reese (Joshua Harto) is killed.

Batman Nearly Breaks His Rule - Batman Beyond: Rebirth

Although not technicaly a movie, Batman Beyond: Rebirth was released as a full animated feature before becoming a series (Rebirth actually being episode 1). Set in 2019, we find a new high-tech Batman in a new suit, but an old, ageing Bruce Wayne underneath fighting some goons. During the battle, Batman suffers a heart attack, and in that moment of desperation, he's forced to pick up a gun in order to defend his life and we're shown how Bruce betrays everything Batman stood for.

Joker's "Can I have a glass of water?" - Batman: Under The Red Hood

Even though I prefer Mark Hamill as the voice of the Joker, John DiMaggio does a stellar job in Under The Red Hood, bringing an excessively violent clown prince to the tables, whilst keeping the trademark psychopathic humour, as seen in this clip.

Bane Breaking Batman's Spine - The Dark Knight Rises

In Batman's first encounter with Bane, the Dark Knight suffers a brutal beating, and in a throwback to the story arc Knightfall, Bane breaks Batman's spine, as a horrified and treacherous Catwoman looks on.

"So that's what that feels like" - The Dark Knight Rises

In one of the funniest parts of the film, up high on a Gotham rooftop with Selina Kyle discussing tactics, Batman's attention momentarily shifts to The Bat behind him, before turning back to find Catwoman has vanished, prompting the line "...So that's what that feels like." Genius stuff.

"Where Are You?" - Batman Begins

As Falcone's goons carry on their drug smuggling, Batman intervenes, picking them out one by one, in the darkness, preying on them, striking fear into their good-for-nothing hearts. Then, there's only one goon left. Terrified, shooting his gun blindly into the darkness - "Where are you?" he screams, as Batman appears upside down behind him "Here". Brilliant.

The Joker's home video - The Dark Knight

A truly terrifying scene from The Dark Knight, see's the Joker's 'home movie' making the news, as he tortures a Batman imposter. "Do you think Batman's made Gotham a better place? Hmm?" he questions to silence before roaring "LOOK AT ME!" in a horrifying voice. It's unnerving as you really don't expect it, and added to the fact the scene is almost silent, it really takes your breath.

Scarecrows Own Medicine - Batman Begins

Dr Crane gets a taste of his own medicine and sees Batman in a whole new light after the Dark Knight sprays him with his own fear toxin. As if Christian Bales gritty Batman wasn't scary enough, Scarecrow sees Batman as a grotesque, snarling beast.

Batman Interrogates The Joker - The Dark Knight

In a fascinating clash of opposing ideologies; justice versus chaos, Batman interrogates the Joker as to the whereabouts of Bruce's squeeze Rachel and Gotham's "white knight" DA Harvey Dent. With no gadgets or theatrical swooping, it's just Batman and the Joker in a room, but after beating him around the room, Batman soon realises one thing - how can you threaten an enemy that doesn't want to kill you but wants you to break your one rule and kill him?

The Final Scene - The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises' ending is incredibly emotional, as Batman carrys the bomb away with the Bat, only for it to explode. We then see Alfred, Lucius, Gordon and Blake at Bruce Waynes grave, sending off the Batman.


Lucius discovers that Bruce managed to programme the autopilot on the aircraft six months ago, and Gordon later finds that the Bat-Signal has been repaired. We then see Alfred in Italy, where he see's Bruce and Selina alive together at a café. Meanwhile, Bake follows coordinates that Bruce left him, leading him to the Batcave. It's a brilliant ending to a perfect trilogy.

And Then There's This...

Nothing - Batman & Robin

It shouldn't be on here, it's so bad. George Clooney's caped crusader made Adam West's look like the Punisher.
But, if you need a laugh, check out the video below. Just don't ever speak of it again

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