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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Dick Figures: The Movie - NEARLY THERE!!!!

As of right now, the guys are at $205,668 - just $45 more dollars is needed! We're sad to see, that as there is only 8 days left, we wont be seeing the full-length movie, but a 30-minute special will still be awesome! So come on guys, spread the word - BECOME PART OF THE ADVENTURE!

Also, download these avatars to promote Dick Figures: The Movie! Use them on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. Blog, anywhere you can!

The awesome creators of Dick Figures, Ed Skudder and Zack Keller have started a campain on Kickstarter (the same place legendary writer Tim Schafer got his latest game Double Fine Adventure funded, raising a whopping $3,336,371 over it's $400,000 goal), in which you (and us) can help fund the project. $250,000 will get a half hour animated adventure, $500,000 will get double that, and $700,000 will get us the much anticiapted movie. It may sound a lot, but Dick Figures is the most popular animated show on YouTube with over 120,000,000 total views, 11,000,000 new views a month and over a million subscribers, if we just pitch in 15 measley dollars (or around £10 here in the UK, but hey, throw 'em an (un)even £25!), then the movie could actually happen. Pretty easy, right?

The beauty of this, is you get to be a part of something truely awesome, with the guys taking you through the whole process, from what they're eating, what it takes to get Red and Blue up and going, a heap of ridiculously awesome stuff, and of course, that warm fuzzy feeling you'll get when you know that YOU made this happen.

Look at those face, give them your money

We've been massive fans of Dick Figures for a long time here at Tech Beever, and it's a great opportunity for Ed Skudder & Zack Keller to really give back to the fans who have got Dick Figures to the cult status it deserves.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourselves over to Kickstarter and throw your money at them!

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