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Friday, 18 May 2012

Comic Book Review: Age of Apocalypse #3

When I looked at AoA #1, it sunk in I hadn't read a good X-Men series since Schism. Luckily then, that David Laphram and Roberto De La Torre have done a brilliant job with this alternate universe. However, now 3-issues in, how is AoA holding up?

Age of Apocalypse is a dark series. Like, brutal. You'd think after all the violence from #1 and #2, that there would be some form of silver lining. Alas, things are actually looking worse for the heroes. The future looks bleak, Sugar Man successfully revives Alex Summers and others to do Omegas’ bidding and Prophet finds the where-abouts of the secret lab where they are making these resurrections *SPOILER ALERT* where it's revealed that Harper Simmons, our narrator, just so happens to be Dr. Bruce Banner.

At times, it seems like Lapham is writing himself into a corner. How can the heroes really hope to overcome the odds? It just doesn't seem like there is a way for them to win. But that's the beauty of the AoA; this thing doesn't have to have a happy ending.

Roberto De La Torre shows he's a true pro with his ink, allowing the brutality of the world infect every panel. Plus, for a book that is rated 12+, things sure do get bloody. Throat slitting, bullets through brains, Del La Torre draws all it in a glorious, bloody fashion.

If you're not caught up with the Age of Apocalypse, I suggest you grab yourself the first three issues:

Series: Age of Apocalypse
Company: Marvel
Genre: Superhero Comic
Available: Now

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