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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Escape Plan: An experience tailor-made for Vita.

Escape Plan's strongest selling point (other than its stunning looks) is that you truly do get a game that's made with the Vita in mind, a title that couldn't be played on any other console or handheld, whether it be on Xbox, a 3DS, an iPad, or a PlayStation 3. That's not to say it 'couldn't' work, I suppose all that would change is the control scheme, but that's the key; lose the Vita control scheme, and you've lost part of the charm.

Escape Plan is a puzzle game where you must guide two characters -- the short and skinny Lil and the tall and fat Laarg (pronounced "large") -- through various rooms in strange environments, such as a factory, a prison, a garbage dump and a workshop. All done utilising Vita's front touchscreen and back touch pad, all to marvellous effect.

Check out the Gamescom trailer below, and we'll keep you updated on the intriguing Escape Plan.

Source: IGN

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