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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Next Gen Xbox To Rival Avatars Graphics?

As reported on via the August issue of Official Xbox Magazine US, Technology company AMD is claiming that the Xbox 360's successor will be capable of producing the kind of visual detail seen in James Cameron's Avatar.

Although AMD would not confirm they're working on the next Xbox, director of ISV relationships at AMD Neal Robison, has said that gamers have a lot to be excited about.

"You'd look so much better with an Xbox light ring"

Robison claims that the AI and physics capabilities of the next generation will allow for every pedestrian in an open-world title like GTA or Saints Row to be an individual character with a unique personality.

Although its not the first time this has been said (Toy Story graphics for the PS2 and Toy Story 2 graphics for the original Xbox), we'll keep you posted if any more news comes to light.


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