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Monday, 25 July 2011

Mass Effect 3: Decisions Mean Everything

Bioware producer Casey Hudson has shed some light on the decisions of Mass Effect 3 -- decisions that will alter everything.

"With the first one, we're kind of launching everything, and we're kind of throwing up these huge threads to the later stories," said Casey Hudson in an interview with Destructoid.

"And then with the second one, we're kind of inbetween. It's actually the toughest one to make, because it has to work with previous stuff and still tie-in with other stuff a little bit later.

"But with Mass Effect 3, this is really the opportunity to do whatever we want with the remainder of the story, which means players can do whatever they want with the remainder of the story. Your decision can have much bigger consequences, things that you've done earlier can have much bigger consequences.

"So we can really throw around a lot of big impacts from your decisions, from prior games and from decisions you'll make in Mass Effect 3.

"It's really astronomical. The number of different ways that you can play it, the combinations of different decisions that you can make, and then all the different ways that the story can end up depending on what you're doing.

"The whole story, the whole galaxy ends in a way that you're going to decide."

Check out the embedded video below where Casey Hudson talks new mechanics, returning characters, new gameplay and more!

Source: Destructoid

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