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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Comic Book Review: Wolverine/Deadpool: The Decoy #1

Stuart Moore takes two of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe and throws them together in an abstract, somewhat meaningless situation -- and you know what? It's a brilliant and humorous affair that works.

Company: Marvel
Genre: Superhero Comic
Release: July 2011
Let's not beat around the bush here; The Decoy is a funny comic, very well written by Moore and brilliantly drawn by Shawn Crystal, who manages to capture the flair and wit of Deadpool, whilst also doing a stella job of bringing Wolverine's scepticism of working with the Merc with a Mouth alive.

Now, this isn't the first time someone's tried to pair the two, but it's Moore's writing skills that pulls it off so well, it works. No matter what issues the pair have had in the past, in this story; they gel. 

However, no matter how much of a Wolverine fan you may be, let's get this clear -- Deadpool is the star of this one, with Wolverine taking the rational role, mealy tolerating Deadpool's idiosyncrasies, like a deadly dysfunctional double act, Deadpool steals every scene.

It's not a comic that will go down in history with the likes of 'House of M', or 'Year One', but it's a quirky little romp that will satisfy, even if for just some light reading.
How Do We Score?
------------SEMI SPOILER ALERT!!!!------------
The Following has spoilers of the comic, don't read any further if you feel it will ruin your read through of the comic for yourself!

I'd also like to share these sneak peaks from the comic, as they made my fiancée laugh:

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