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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Comic Book Review: Detective Comics #880

First and foremost, the cover is amazing. Jock has done a fantastic job, of creating possibly the best cover of the year.  Detective Comics #880 is another brilliant effort from writer Scott Snyder and artist Jock, bringing home one of the finest story Arc's I've read in a long time.

Company: DC
Genre: Superhero Comic
Release: July 2011

Starting with a narration from Gordon, proselytizing about Gotham City's true architect being everyone's favourite, Joker.

With the Joker escaped from Arkham, he makes his move for the Gordons while the Bat-team re-evaluate the threat and learn about their own relationship to Gotham City. Now, before you moan, yes, the Joker has escaped from Arkham countless times, but Snyder does a tremendous job of bringing us a different side to the Joker. Sure, he's still insane, but it's a new breed, style; whatever you want to call it, he's different. More tragically insane as opposed to psychotic. It's a neat take on a much loved character, and it shows how much though has gone into it. Like how he's given a lowercase font that separates him from the rest of the characters, almost placing him on the shelf of 'childlike'.

As you can see from the cover, artist Jock has phenomenal talent when he places his pencil to paper, and I think that's one of the reasons this has been such a tremendous run -- it looks so good. Sure, it's impressively written, and an excellent story,  but the looks draw you in, make you want to read it. 

Snyder's Joker is so disturbingly beautiful in his portrayal, but no matter how deranged, he is still shown to be incredibly clever, and in his demented way; borderline genius. There are parts where Snyder uses the Joker to  play up the mind of not only the Dark Knight himself, but even the reader, sending each spiralling down a confused and chaotic path.

There's not much left on the run, and I can honestly say, that this has been one hell of a ride, and when it is over, it will go down with the likes of 'Year One' as one of the greatest of all time, and I hope that Snyder and Jock will be on hand to return.

4.5 - (Outstanding)
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