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Monday, 23 May 2011

PSP and PS3 Cross-Gaming: What Do We Think?

If you saw our post earlier on the PSP to PS3 cross-platform gaming, you've more than likely developed a spark of interest in the premise. But why is it such bad time for Sony to be bringing this kind of feature to their current generation of consoles?

Not that Monster Hunter 3 isn't an epic game, because it is, but with all the PSN trouble Sony's had lately, it's hard not to think they're aiming squarely at well, nobody.

Think about it. You have to buy the PS3 version as well as the PSP re-release, not to mention we suspect, the possibility of a Playstation Plus subscription.

Now, if Sony offered the PS3 game with the PSP version as a free download for Playstation Plus members, and a discounted version for those without, Sony could see more people subscribing to Playstation Plus, as if the cross-over collection began to take off, people would see Playstation Plus as much better value, even if the premise is sadly wasted on the current PSP.

Sure, playing Monster Hunter 3rd on your PS3, then picking up where you left off and playing on your PSP on the train will be pretty fun, but with the NGP is just around the corner, it seems, well, odd.

I don't know about you, but this is the kind of thing I'd much rather do NGP to PS3, not only for the better graphics and more suited controls, but imagine being able to take your online play with you, it'd be such a close knit relationship between the NGP and PS3, that gamers would be more obliged to spend that extra bit of money.

It is of course, too soon to tell just how well this is going to work, but for the time being, I think I'll wait for the NGP before cashing in on cross-platform gaming.


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