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Mass Effect 3 Bringing Same-Sex relationships To The Series

Mass Effect 3 will allow players to indulge in same-sex relationships - regardless of whether they play as female or male Commander Shephard.

Executive Producer of Mass Effect 3, Casey Hudson, has said via Twitter, that gay and lesbian romance will be possible.

Behind The Scenes, Commander
Shephard Only Had Eyes

 For The Green One On The Left
Hudson said that he was "Happy to confirm [that Mass Effect 3] supports wider options for love interests [including] same-sex for [male and female] characters, reactive to how you interact [with] them in-game."  

Like all relationships in the Mass Effect series, they're optional by the player. For a catch up on Mass Effect, why not head way back here for Dan's review of Mass Effect 2, just to wet your appetite for Mass Effect 3.

  • Published by: Electronic Arts
  • Developed by: BioWare
  • Genre: RPG
  • Release Date:
    Europe: Q1 2012
  • PEGI: RP
  • Also Available On:  PC, PlayStation 3

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