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Dick Figures Episode Guide

We're big fans of the MondoMini series Dick Figures, so we like to bring you the (adult language/themed) episodes as soon as they're released, and if you want to watch them again and again, or even just catch up, here's an episode guide (18+ only though, so look away kids!).

Dick Figures: 
"Two dysfunctional friends, Red and Blue, make up for what they lack in smarts and sex appeal with a really long string of bad decisions."

Season 1:

Episode 1: A Bee Or Something

Episode 2: Panda Hat

Episode 3: Flame War

Episode 4: Traffic Jams

Episode 5: Steakosaurus

Episode 6: OMG

Episode 7: Trouble Date

Episode 8: Kitty Amazing

Episode 9: Role Playas

Episode 10: Attack Of The PWNS (season 1 finale)

Teaser Episodes:

"He Who Shall Not Be Maimed"

"Dating Advice By Red and Blue"

Season 2:

Season 2 Teaser: Bath Rhymes

Episode 1: Zombies & Shotguns

Episode 2: Camp Anarchy

Episode 3: Butt Genie

Epidode 4: Lord Tourette's Syndrome

Episode 5: Fang Angels

Episode 6: Captain Red Rum & The Pina Colada Armada

Episode 7: Y U So Meme?

Episode 8: Sex Marks The Spot

Season 3:

Season 3 Teaser

Episode 1: Adventures of Batman & The Bloser

Dick Figures by MondoMini

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