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Sunday, 28 May 2017

We've Gone Missing...?

Firstly, the title is a little misleading, we have not gone missing, what we have been, is MIA.

It's been a hectic few weeks, and unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how you view our content) we've still got a week or so of being a bit shit.

Dan has been busy moving offices and all sorts, and now he currently sounds like Hitlers arsehole as he's been plagued with the man-flu. Myself, I've been renovating my house, and preparing for my son's operation which is next week, so I won't be around very much for a week or so.

I have, however, been getting some extra work done over at Broken Pony Studios, so if you are into art and stuff, go check that out!

We do have stuff we're currently filming, so there's going to be content, it's just there's going to be a minor break in between. We've got part two of 'We Were Here', some more 'GTA V Online' a brand new concept movie called 'Private Dicks', which we are writing, directing and starring in, and it's coming along pretty well (we already have a blooper reel of just trying to act the first act) so we're looking forward to finishing that.

Obviously there'll be a brand new podcast, some more 'Goldeneye Source', more animations via the PvP Show, gameshows, Cal & Zoe Play, and a tonne more, so keep posted, get involved on the channel and on Twitter, and most importantly, thank you for your patience!

Until then, catch up with the latest content below!

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