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Monday, 13 December 2010

Christmas Countdown; Gadget Fight- Playstation 3 VS Xbox 360

Day two of our Christmas Countdown- Gadget Fight, see's todays contenders fighting for that special place under your Christmas Tree. 
Ah, you know what's coming... In the red corner, weighing in at 3.2kg... 

PlayStation 3 (PS3) 
PlayStation 3, often abbreviated as PS3, is the seventh-generation video game console launched by electronics giant Sony, in 2006. The console was an instant hit among various age groups owing to its high-definition optical disc format, which made gaming even more exciting. PlayStation 3 provided a Blu-Ray disc as a storage medium which simply meant more place to store data. At present, two variants of PS3 are available in the market - the PS3 120 GB Slim and PS3 250 GB Slim. With games like Heavy Rain, littleBIGplanet and Uncharted 2 to its credit, PS3 is indeed one of the best gaming consoles you can lay your hands on.

Xbox 360 
Xbox 360 is the seventh-generation video game console launched by Microsoft, in 2005. One of the most amazing feature of the Xbox 360 was Xbox Live, which played a crucial role in the tremendous success of the console the world over. Other than online gaming and downloading, Xbox 360 also facilitated TV shows and movie broadcasts. The rising popularity of the Xbox 360 can also be attributed to the amazing range of games it supports, including Fable 3, Gears Of War, Mass Effect 2 and Alan Wake.

Sony Playstation 3

PS3 Design: After the launch model displeased the majority of the public, the new PS3 'Slim' was launched, and all the better for it. The gorgeous black shell housed what was to many, the powerhouse of Next-Gen gaming.
 Blu-Ray, built in WiFi and (after updating the software to version 3.55) 3D playback, the PS3 is somewhat of an icon.

Microsoft Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Design: The original 'hardcore' gamers choice. Now with a slim design, built in WiFi and a AAA games rooster to boast, the Xbox 360 is still rocking 5 years after it's release.
The new design is also quieter and prevents the dreaded "Red Ring Of Death". How? By making the lights unable to turn red. Genious.

Online Gaming:
Microsoft charges a stipulated monthly fee for online gaming, while PS3 offers online gaming for free. This means that the PS3, which is a bit costlier than Xbox 360 in terms of market price, is actually a better bet in the long term. However, free doesn't always mean better, Live is a better online experience, and whilst Playstation Home is becoming a better community (it was pretty bare to begin with), it is still no match for Live.
Playstation Home
Xbox Live Dashboard

 GPU and CPU Comparison:
GPU, i.e. the graphics processing unit, and CPU, i.e. the central processing unit, are important components of the video game console. The Xenos GPU in Xbox 360 does have an edge over the RSX GPU in PS3, but then the Cell engine (microprocessor chip) in PS3, which is more powerful than the triple-core Xenon CPU in Xbox 360, comes to the rescue of PS3 by handling the workload at any given point of time.

Storage Comparison
PS3 uses a Blu-ray Disk as the primary storage medium, while Xbox 360 uses double layer DVDs as the primary storage medium. In PS3, armed with the Blu-ray Disk, approximately 54 gigs of data can be stored, while the same amounts to only 9 gigs in Xbox 360's double layer DVDs. This gives PS3 a thumbs up in terms of storage capacity, which is quite important as both the consoles offer game downloads.

Yeah, yeah; which do I choose?
At the end of the day, it becomes quite difficult to determine which is better, PS3 or Xbox 360, as both have their own positives and negatives. In such circumstances, the winner of PS3 vs Xbox 360 battle can be only decided by you, based on your personal preferences. We do believe that the Playstation 3 has a slight edge over the Xbox 360 with it's amazing game catalogue and multinedia capabilities, but the 360 has its own positives; the amazing AAA games catalogue, superior online play, owing to which it has such a tremendous fan following.


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